InCremona, about us

Cremona and its territory are the ideal destinations for the curious traveller who wants to experience tourism in a slow and sustainable manner, and who is in search of authentic flavours and traditions that are still alive today. Ours is a city rich in history and culture that reveals itself to lovers of music and art; the countryside draws inspiration from the pristine natural environment; and the local culinary traditions produce foods that are simply mouth-watering.

Cremona is waiting for you to taste her!

InCremona is the new incoming tour operator dedicated to welcome individual tourists and groups, and to promote Cremona and its territory. VIAGGI NOBILE and CRART, the oldest travel agencie of the town and a young group of touristic guides

We are pleased to satisfy all of your needs, thanks to a consolidated experience and the cooperation of a wide number of reception structures, association of tourist guides and violin makers, restaurants and food factories offering traditional products.

InCremona offers a variety of tour packages to discover the hidden treasures of Cremona. All the itineraries proposed here can be modified upon request, to make every trip a unique experience.