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Worldwide Cremona means violins. Two major milestones has been recently achieved: the inclusion of luthery tradition in the UNESCO World Heritage and the inauguration of the Museum of the Violin, which houses Stradivari's precious instruments. In Cremona music take a new dimension, it becomes culture of doing. We lead the curious tourist inthe workshop of a violin maker where he can touch the wood that will become an instrument played in the most important theaters of the world, feel the smell of paints and enamels, and the noise of tools. 

Furthermore, only in Cremona you can be king for a day by climbing the 502 steps to the top of the Torrazzo, the bell tower 112 meters high, landmark of the city, and letting your eyes wander.The effort is rewarded soon: the town is at your feet, and it seem to be able to hug the horizon. 

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Dinner at Stradivari's house

Our exlusive touris for whom want see and hear the sound of Cremona, the worldwide known musical city and capital of lutherie. After discovering “Piazza del Comune”, the Cathedral and the “Torrazzo” the tour continue with the visit of one of the 150 violinmaker workshops surrounding the city center. During the visit the master violinmaker shows the secrets of making arch instruments following the 3-hundred-years traditions. From the single piece of wood to the the complete instrument passing through all the steps reaching the perfections.