Dinner at Stradivari's house

Our exlusive touris for whom want see and hear the sound of Cremona, the worldwide known musical city and capital of lutherie. After discovering “Piazza del Comune”, the Cathedral and the “Torrazzo” the tour continue with the visit of one of the 150 violinmaker workshops surrounding the city center. During the visit the master violinmaker shows the secrets of making arch instruments following the 3-hundred-years traditions. From the single piece of wood to the the complete instrument passing through all the steps reaching the perfections. After that, the visit continue with the “Museo del Violino” with the historical collection of the Cremona’s lutherie instrument, the instruments of Triennale exhibition and other instruments of Friends of Stradivari’s collection. The Museum includes the workshop of the great master Stradivari with some instruments that the he used to make his masterpieces. The visit ends in the “Auditorium” with the audition of one of the instrument present in the “Scrigno dei Tesori” collection, in one of the best acustic environment in the world.

The discover of Cremona’s traditions continue after the Museum, tasting some tipical products (salami, cheeses, mostarda and torrone).

In the afternoon guided tour at Ponchielli Theater, an architectural jewel where operas and concerts are played and the Stradivarian Festival is organized, followed by the Music Rooms of the Civic Museum with the Carlo Alberto Carutti historical instruments collection.

After a glance to the tomb of Stradivari placed in the public gardens, we will pass through the shopping district, to reach Stradivari’s house.

Happy hours in the garden is followed by a gourmet dinner prepared by a well known chef of the traditional cuisine. The traditional menu follows the seasonal products of our farms with some speciality like torrone’s tortelli. During the dinner instrumental concert