The Tour

The Experience

Street art has always identified and valued the suburban areas of the cities. From the last ten years the street art has found its own dimension also in the historical centers of the city, elicits wonder, appreciation and controversy. Cremona is no exception and we would like to make you discover the urban art in our city with the “Street Art” tour.

What you will see

You will discover a Cremonese art that deviates from the paintings of the Arcimboldo and the violin shops.
You will discover an underground culture that has brought a breath of fresh air on the walls of our city. You will come across Blub’s works, in the graffitied concrete blocks and in the splendid murals of via della Vecchia Dogana, in murals that want to revive abandoned or demolition buildings and in the tags of the writers who have made Cremona a “more colorful” city!





2 h


2,4 km


Piazza Duomo


Inclusive for people with disabilities

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