The Tour

The Experience

The Torrazzo is the symbol of Cremona. The bell tower of the Cathedral rises above the city and overlooks the surrounding plain from above. Inside the Torrazzo Cremona’s Diocese has recently opened the “vertical museum”, where tourists can visit four themed rooms that will take visitors all the way to the top of the highest masonry bell tower in Europe!

What you will see

Climbing up the 502 steps of the Torrazzo you will come across four rooms that will mark your ascent towards the panoramic terrace of the tower. The quadrant hall, the mechanism room, the time measurement room and the astronomy hall will tell you about the birth and history of the world’s largest astronomical clock, rewarding you at the end of the tour with a breathtaking view of Cremona and the Po Valley.



Torrazzo di Cremona


1 h


502 steps


Piazza del Comune


Not inclusive for people with disabilities

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