The Tour

The Experience

The Museum of Natural History is located inside Parco del Vecchio Passeggio, where you can find local botanical species, with a pond that has become a natural habitat for many small animals. The museum displays the collection of the Marquis Giuseppe Sigismondo Ala Ponzone (1761-1842), who was a naturalist. Then, over the years other small collection donated mainly by local naturalists have been added.

What you will see

The journey begins with the historical section, continues with a systematic transition through the individual disciplines (mineralogy, petrography, paleontology and zoology, with botanical section in the park), and then the description of our territory. The natural environment and the urban environment allow us to introduce two very topical issues linked to the local situation: an innovative representation of the “city upside down”, and lastly a reflection on the conservation of biodiversity.



Via Ugolano Dati, 4


1 h


Included for people with disabilities

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