Arrive in Cremona

Interactive Map

  • Arrive in Cremona by Car

    The highway exit from A21 brings you directly to the heart of the city, passing the Violin roundabout.

    • 20 minutes far from Piacenza
    • 45 minutes far from Brescia
    • 1 hour far from Parma
    • 1 hour and a half far from Milan

    Easily accessible from A21 highway (Torino-Piacenza-Brescia)

  • Arrive in Cremona by Train

    Reach Cremona easily by train.

    • 1 h away from Milan.
    • 1 h away from Brescia.
    • 1 h away from Parma.
    • 1 h away from Mantova.

    Cremona is easy to visit due to the proximity of the train station to the city center (10 minutes on foot).

  • Get Around Cremona by Bike

    Thanks to its 70 km of cycle paths Cremona is easy to visit on two wheels and with a Green philosophy. Bring your bike with you or rent one in the city and enjoy Cremona, its squares, its parks, its banks and its countryside in total relaxation!